Bodh Gaya: A Must Visit Destination For Every Traveler

Bodh Gaya

Religion, politics, myth, and history have traversed for centuries around a  village. These villages are on the banks of the Phalgu River. The small town is just south of Bihar’s capital Patna. This incredible location—Bodh Gaya—is the location of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha’s enlightenment, or “great awakening” (Sanskrit, Mahabodhi).  Siddhartha Gautama, who left behind his princely … Read more

[2022] Hotels In Gaya | Top 5 Hotels in Gaya

Hotel Taj Darbar Hotel In Gaya

The hotel is a luxurious facility. It is meant frequently for travelers and gets commonly positioned close to unique attractions. It includes seashores, scenic or ancient areas, ski parks, and spas. Here we would have come up with Hotel In Gaya. Though a few hotels function on a seasonal basis. But many of the hotels now … Read more

BodhGaya | The Place Of Pilgrimage

Bodhgaya is a Buddhist pilgrimage centre in Bihar’s Gaya District. Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment here under the Bodhi tree, which is where the Mahabodhi Temple is located. BodhGaya is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and several other countries, like Japan and China, have assisted the Indian government in constructing facilities for Buddhist pilgrims. Throughout … Read more

Gaya Weather | Best Time To Visit Gaya

gaya weather

Gaya is a sacred city in India’s Bihar state, in the eastern section of the country. In this article, we are going to talk about Gaya Weather. The climate in this location is pleasant, with summer temperatures reaching around 38 degrees Celsius. Here in the winter, the weather is nice. The months of October through … Read more

What Is Bodh Gaya Famous For? | A Histoical Place

What Is Bodh Gaya Famous For

We all have heard about the city Bodh Gaya. But, do you know What Is Bodh Gaya Famous For? They are famous for the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. He got salvation and enlightenment at this place. Buddhists can connect with their founder in Bodh Gaya. They believe it is significant because the Buddha picked this location … Read more

Why Is Gaya Famous For Pind Daan? | Importance Of Pind Daan

Gaya is a beautiful city situated in the state of Bihar. It is famous for its historical places and its rituals. You must have heard about the Pind Daan. But have you ever thought about Why Gaya Is Famous For Pind Daan? Importance Of Pind Daan In Gaya – Pind Daan is a vital ritual … Read more

Which Is The Best Month To Visit Gaya? | Best Travel Time?

What’s The Best Time To Visit Gaya

Bodhgaya If you plan to visit Gaya, you must be thinking, Which Is The Best Month To Visit Gaya? A town of historical and mythological significance, Gaya is one of the predominant traveller sites in Bihar and the second biggest city withinside the state. We will give you the information about this in this article. … Read more

Gaya To Patna Train | Important Trains

Train travel in India is a fantastic way to see the country. It highlights the country’s vastness, variety, and color, especially on lengthy treks. There are two ways to travel: on the public rail network, which has 12,000 trains and carries 23 million passengers every day, or on luxury trips, which offer a more luxurious … Read more

What Is The Famous Food Of Gaya? | Traditional Cuisine Of Bihar

What Is The Famous Food Of Gaya?

Gaya is the foundation of sweets together with Kesar Peda, Anarsa, and Tilkut. Sesame seeds and sugar or jaggery are the main ingredients for making Tilkut. Khoya, sugar, and saffron are the components for making Kesar Peda. These are some of the best food in Gaya. The highly spiced and bitter snacks are pretty famous. … Read more

Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting? Historical Place In Bihar

Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting?

One of the most enjoyable things in somebody’s life is travelling. Everyone loves travelling and before they travel they want to search all the details about the places they want to visit. If you are planning to visit this city, we have come with Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting? Facts – Is Bodh Gaya Worth … Read more

What is Gaya? | The City Of Historical Significance

If you have heard the word Gaya, you must be thinking, What is Gaya? Gaya is a city of religious people. It is one of the most sacred cities in Bihar and India. Most people visit this place for their spiritual work. For example, if they have to do the Pind Daan, they prefer to … Read more

What Is Special In Gaya? | Must Visit Places In Gaya

Gaya is famous for its historical things. It is a sacred place for all Buddhist pilgrimages. The holy place in which Prince Gautama attained enlightenment below the Bodhi Tree and the second one The Dalai Lama. Gaya isn’t always a vacation destination. However, it is a circulation of faith. Here, we will talk about What … Read more

Gaya Engineering College | Delivering Excellence

Gaya Engineering College

“Earning a respectable quantity of money in a dignified manner throughout the rest of my life, with no seasonal ups and downs.” There are only a few jobs that meet this requirement for parents. Medical and engineering are the tried and true options. Many more are emerging but are not yet well-known. Here, we have … Read more

Is Gaya A Safe Place? | Safe Place To Travel?

Is Gaya Safe place

People argue that just a few places are dangerous, but I believe that nothing is dangerous until you put yourself in the wrong location at the wrong moment. But I understand why people are reluctant to travel; nonetheless, it is challenging to locate a place where you can be sure of your safety in today’s … Read more

Gaya Medical College

Gaya Medical College

Ask an Indian infant what they would love to emerge as after developing up, and the leading, not unusual place solution you listen to is “I need to be a health practitioner”. Here we have come up with Gaya Medical College. Ask Indian dad and mom what they dream in their youngsters to emerge as, … Read more

How Many Days Do You Need In Bodhgaya? | Days For Trip?


Are you also planning to visit Bodhgaya? Then you must be thinking about the days you will need for this trip. Here we have come up with: How Many Days Do You Need In Bodh gaya? We all know that when planning for a trip, we have to be very particular about the dates and … Read more