Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting? Historical Place In Bihar

One of the most enjoyable things in somebody’s life is travelling. Everyone loves travelling and before they travel they want to search all the details about the places they want to visit. If you are planning to visit this city, we have come with Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting?

Facts –

Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting?

Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting?

One of the crucial Buddhist pilgrimage vacation spots in the global is Bodh Gaya. It gets located in Bihar, India, and it is right here that Lord Buddha has become enlightened at some point of intense meditation beneath a Bodhi tree. The specific spot gets now marked through the sprawling Mahabodhi temple complex.

In this very serene place, priests from all around the globe may get determined sitting on the foot of a significant carved Buddha statue, analyzing holy scriptures, and in deep contemplation. The city is likewise domestic to dozens of Buddhist monasteries, maintained through diverse Buddhist countries. A growing wide variety of humans go to BodhGaya every year.

How Can You Get There?

Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting?

Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting?

The airport is in Gaya, which is 12 kilometres (7 miles) away, has rare direct flights from Kolkata. Suppose you come from different foremost Indian cities, for instance. In that case, the closest airport is in Patna, a hundred and forty kilometres (87 miles) away from Patna. It is a 3 to four-hour drive.

You may effortlessly reach BodhGaya by train. The nearest railway station from Bodh Gaya, which is adequately related to Patna, Varanasi, New Delhi, Kolkata, Puri, and different locations in Bihar.

The adventure from Patna by train is two and half hours. You can also visit Bodh Gaya as a part of a pilgrimage to different Buddhist places in India. Indian Railways operates a unique Mahaparinirvan Express Buddhist Tourist Train.

What Is Worth To See? (Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting?)

Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting?

Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting?

The Mahabodhi temple elaborately carved, Buddhism’s holiest shrine, is the massive attraction at BodhGaya. In 2002, The temple got declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s open from five a.m. to nine p.m. daily, chanting and meditation held at five:30 a.m. and six p.m. The different temples and monasteries, constructed and maintained by numerous Buddhist countries, are fascinating, especially distinctive architectural styles. Opening hours are from five a.m. to midday and a pair of p.m. to six p.m.

Don’t pass over the very ornate Thai temple that shimmers with gold. Lord Buddha’s Statue towering 80-foot sandstone and granite is a must-see. It took seven years and 12,000 stonemasons to complete that statue. Bodh Gaya additionally has an Archaeological Museum showing an array of relics, scriptures, and historical statues of Buddha.

 It is closed on Fridays. The sacred Dungeshwari Cave Temples (additionally called Mahakala Caves), wherein Lord Buddha reflected for a prolonged period, was well worth touring.

Conclusion | Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting?

Because the electricity supply in Bodh Gaya is inconsistent, it’s a good idea to bring a flashlight. Before approaching the interior areas of the main Mahabodhi Temple complex, as well as any of the nearby monasteries, it is customary to remove your shoes.

We suggest that you dress respectfully in loose-fitting clothing and wear basic sandals.We will advise you all to visit this beautiful Buddhist place at once in your life. It is a must-visit place. We hope we clear the question: Is Bodh Gaya Worth Visiting?

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