Why Is Gaya Famous For Pind Daan? | Importance Of Pind Daan


Gaya is a beautiful city situated in the state of Bihar. It is famous for its historical places and its rituals. You must have heard about the Pind Daan. But have you ever thought about Why Gaya Is Famous For Pind Daan?

Importance Of Pind Daan In Gaya –

Why Is Gaya Famous For Pind Daan?

Pind Daan is a vital ritual for the Hindus. A ritual offering homage to the departed soul is known as Pind Daan. Gaya is one of the famous cities for this ritual of Pind.

Gaya is the land of salvation, particularly for the Hindus, and it has an enriching history. Buddhists believe that it is a place of enlightenment. We all know that Lord Buddha also gets enlightened under the banyan tree situated in Bodh Gaya.

There is a belief in Hindu that Lord Rama also went to Gaya around 12 Lakhs a year in the yuga of Treta for the Pind Daan of his father, Dasaratha.

Gaya also organizes a ceremony named Pitru Paksha Mela every year for 18 days in the monsoon season. Several people come from the corner of India to this mela for the Pind.

There is a Falgu river flowing in Gaya where people do Pind Daan at its bank. Gaya may be well-known for the temple known as Vishnupad, which is the high vicinity for humans to provide Daan.

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How Pind Daan Is Done In Gaya?

The eldest male member of the family generally does Pind Daan. But if, in any case, the eldest male member is absent, then women are also allowed to do Pind.

The person performing the Pind Daan has to take the holy bath on the Falgu river, Ganga, etc., according to the places where it will be held. He has to wear white holy garments when he is doing Shradh Karma like traditional dhotis.

The brahmins will speak mantras, and under the guidance of mantras, he has to offer rice, sweets, etc. The person performing the Shradh Karma will give garments or food to the Pandits or Brahmins and get blessings from them.

There is a belief that the soul satisfied when brahmins are fed during the Pind Daan. You get to see 43 vedics during the Pind Daan process in Gaya. The most appropriate time for doing Daan is in the afternoon.

Final Words – Why Is Gaya Famous For Pind Daan?

It is the whole process of doing the Pind Daan in Gaya. Due to the rich history and rituals, it is so famous in Gaya. It is the only reason Why Is Gaya Famous For Pind Daan. I hope that this tutorial on Pind Daan has provided you with some useful information regarding the significance of Pind Daan in Hinduism and the many charges involved.

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